Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rate Your Story New Membership Options - Let's Hear From You!

Dear Rate Your Story Fans,

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Rate Your Story is turning two years old on October 1st! With that announcement, I bring a few tidbits of exciting news.

As you know, we've read and rated thousands of submissions since we first opened. I have been so grateful to the volunteer judges who spend hours each month reading and rating your manuscripts, and offer free advice to guide you on your path to publication.

Many of you have expressed sincere gratitude and enthusiasm for the service we provide. Many of you have emailed us to share good news about your work that was once submitted to RYS. Others have said that the revision suggestions offered have shaped and guided your next drafts.

My hope is not only to keep the site operational, but to expand our offerings. In order to be able to continue pouring in the time and effort to run a site whose submission numbers are increasing each month, we are excited to begin offering New Membership Options. These reasonable fee-based options will give our users the chance to let Rate Your Story provide an even more customized service and additional services we haven't offered before.

These may include:

  • Priority Inbox Treatment
  • Multiple Submissions Per Month
  • Open Submissions Window
  • Referrals to Literary Agents and/or Editors
  • Reduced Fees for Professional Critiques
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Writing Contest or Rating Face-offs w/Prizes
  • Additional Guest Blog Posts or Interview/Videos from Agents, Editors, and Authors
  • Market Guides / Call for Submissions Updates/Links
  • Non-anonymous Judging
  • Invite to Private Writing Retreats or Workshops (online or on-location)
  • Less Stringent Submission Guidelines
  • Pitch or Query Contests

Before we post the official New Membership Option choices, we want to hear from YOU. Which of these elements is most important to you? How can we shape our Membership options to fit your needs? What services should we keep?

Please email us at RATEYOURSTORY@GMAIL.COM with the subject header MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS to let us know what elements or services would solidify your decision to become a member at Rate Your Story. Before we decide everything, we need to know what you're looking for.

When I began this site, I never imagined we'd be getting the volume of submissions that we do. I've poured my heart and soul (and a good portion of my writing time!) into running it. My hope is to find a model whereby I can continue to provide this service for you.

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments over the past two years. I ask that if this site has helped you in any way, to begin sharing it and helping others find Rate Your Story. With our New Membership Options, it is my goal to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations as we move into a new era of providing services for writers.

Miranda Paul

P.S. Submissions are open until September 7th. With the additional email volume expected this month, please give us until October to return submissions. Thank you! Feel free to send us Birthday wishes if you'd like, too!


  1. Wow - Happy Birthday RYS! I remember when my babies turned two, people warned me about the "Terrible Twos," but they were SO wrong. Two turned out to be a terrific year of incredible, exciting growth and change, and so it shall be for RYS as well.

    I love the idea of customized services via RYS Membership Options. Here's another idea to mull over: I've always appreciated comments when offered by judges in conjunction with the rating score. Perhaps assuring members that they will receive brief written critiques with scores would be appealing for some members?

    Best wishes for Year Two!

  2. Happy Birthday, RYS!!! You guys all provide such a fantastic and valuable service! I like the sound of all your options above!

  3. Happy birthday!! And thank you so much for all you do.

    I like Cathy's suggestion above. Sometimes, just a few sentences about what to improve or focus on is enough to inspire a great revision, without a complete critique.

  4. Rate Your Story has provided amazing feedback...and I love the idea of the membership option. Happy Birthday and MANY MANY MORE TO COME!!!! Looks like exciting opportunities are on the horizon.:)

  5. Happy Birthday, RYS! Thank you for the incredible service you offer. Elements most important to me would be: multiple submissions per month (still a limit, but maybe two instead of one), referrals to editors and agents, and reduced fees for professional critiques. I'm not sure about the open submissions window because having a specific time to submit helps me get my butt in gear to make sure I don't miss the window and it allows time to work on revisions for the following month(s).

  6. Thank you all for this feedback! Feel free to email us any more comments. All best, Miranda

  7. I, too, Like all the options with most emphasis on open submission window and sending short critiques with the rating.

    I wished you Happy Late Birthday Greetings on the last post but will gladly do so again. Thanks for everything you do. :)


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