Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Birthday Prizes!

Hi all,

It's Wednesday!  

We know you've been waiting for the drawing, so I promise to get to that very soon.  But first...a little good news.

RYS Judge Jill Esbaum has another book contract!
From Publisher's Lunch: Author of Tom's Tweet, Jill Esbaum's ELWOOD BIGFOOT, LOVE THOSE BIRDIES, in which a desperately-lonely bigfoot moves into a tree hoping to befriend the neighborhood birdies, but his boisterous personality makes it tough to convince them he's harmless, to Alli Brydon at Sterling Children's, by Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio.

RYS Judge Lisa Albert recently presented on an amazing author panel at the Sheboygan Children's Festival along with Sarah Weeks, Ilsa J. Bick, Julie Halpern & Jacqueline Jaeger Houtman!

RYS Judge Kelly Hashway's upcoming YA novel, TOUCH OF DEATH (Spencer Hill Press), is now available for pre-order on B&N and!

RYS Judge Mira Reisberg recently watched several of her students graduate from the first Picture Book Academy, and some of her graduates have author and editor interest ALREADY!  (I actually got to participate in this course and found it immensely helpful for thinking visually and getting better at self-editing.  Recommended!).  Her 2nd Picture Book Academy will be underway soon...still time to sign up!

RYS Judge Melissa Gorzelanczyk recently made it to the second-round of Kate Ellis's YA Novel Pitch Contest!

I also have some good news - one of my co-authored Gambian folktales has now been translated into Spanish and released by iStorybooks!

Do you have GOOD NEWS TO SHARE?  Next week, we will share your good news.  Post a comment on this blog post with the announcement of your writing news and you'll be entered into a contest for a free manuscript critique from me, Miranda Paul!*  

And, we'll have another secret prize giveaway for this week for anyone who RSVPs or has already RSVPed for our month-long birthday celebration (details here).  It's a two-fer!

*free manuscript critique of any story or picture book up to 2,000 words or fewer, or the winner may opt for a full novel critique at half price.
AND NOW, the moment you've been waiting for.  This week's winner of the 2013 Writer's Market or Children's Writer and Illustrator's Market is....

Lots of names in that bowl!

And the winner is....

Congrats, Julie - just send me an email with the address you want me to send the electronic coupon to, and which book you've chosen.  Hooray!

Now, get posting to enter the prize drawings for next week (scroll up to read how).  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Congrats to all the judges and to Julie! How exciting :)

    1. Yes! It is exciting! Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with us.

  2. Replies
    1. Totally awesome. I couldn't have picked a better assistant in the prize-drawing task :)

  3. Yowza! Yowza! Thanks RYS and Miranda! Good luck to all of next week's winners too!

  4. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing! And congratulations to Julie!!!

  5. Congrats all around! So much good news. :)

  6. Wahoo, Julie!

    What great news, judges!! It's aw-inspiring to hear your accomplishments :~D

    1. Thanks! Glad to provide some inspiration. You guys keep us going too!

  7. Wonderful news all the way around! Congrats on the book deals and interest...and Julie...congrats on winning the RYS B-Day prize!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Vivian to hear our wonderful news. Hope we'll hear some good news from y'all too!

  8. wow! Congrats to everyone and congrats to you Julie... Cool!!!

  9. Love hearing about updates on the judges progress - congratulations everyone :-)

  10. Thanks, Ramona. Anyone else have good news to share? RYS would love to share your little nuggets of news.


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