Wednesday, October 10, 2012

...And the Party Continues!

Happy Wednesday again! Huzzah!  

This week, we’re continuing Rate Your Story’s month-long birthday celebration with some more swag.  (If you missed the first week of the party, you can catch up here.)

Today, we’ve got a goodie-bag surprise for all of you:  Badges!  If you’ve ever submitted something to Rate Your Story, you can now post a beautiful customized graphic on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  Check out these lovely rating badges created by our talented illustrator, Dana Atnip!

To put one of these badges on your site, etc. simply right click (apple or control click on a Mac) and save the image to your desktop.  When you Tweet or upload the image to your site, we ask that you give credit to Rate Your Story and Dana Atnip.  We’d also love a link back!  (FYI: these badges will soon appear on our Rating Scale page as well). the best part: Another Giveaway!  Huzzah, again!

This week, we’re giving away a copy an electronic copy of the 2013 Writer’s Market or the 2013 Children’s Writer’s Market - Your choice!  To enter the contest, please read our original prize giveaway “RSVP” guidelines.  And enter more than once to improve your chances.

Good luck!


  1. Yay! I love a new badge! I'm probably not the only one who has submitted 3 stories, and will display my highest rating. Superficial much? YES!

  2. Nice badge! But not sure I'd like to share my worst rated story badge :o) Here's a suggestion: how about a general badge that just simply says, "My story rates!" Nevertheless, beautiful job!

  3. Wonderful badge!
    I posted the badge on my site with credit to Dana and instructions to click on badge to visit RYS!
    And I tweeted!
    Party! Party! Party!
    I already "like" your fan page!

  4. My compliments to Dana Atnip on the badge. Happy Birthday! (I love long parties :) )

    I tweeted this and I'm already a fan on facebook.

    Thanks for this generous giveaway. You guys are great.

  5. Nice badges! I would love to win the book. I've got a 2011 issue of the book, but I need the updated 2013 issue. Thanks for the give away!

  6. Lovely badges, Dana. I agree with Genevieve; I'll plan to post my best rated story, too!

    And definitely something to tweet about!

    Many thanks - love to think party as the days shorten...

  7. Love, love, love the badges...I will definitely post one on my blog! And awesome prize as well...but shouldn't we be giving Rate Your Story a present...after all, it's your birthday. :)

  8. Happy Birthday RYS! What great badges! I'm "liking" your page now (always liked you!). :)


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