Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Final Day of Celebration!

As our birthday celebration comes to a close on Halloween (and we turn back into pumpkins at midnight tonight), we're admittedly a little sad.

However, it's time for us to get back to work critiquing your manuscripts with fervor!  And that we shall do.  We've been a little lazy lately.  (OK, that's just Miranda.  But she swears it's because she's been busy writing and editing.)

As you may have imagined, however, we can't end the month without one more prize winner!

And the winner of TWO free, full manuscript critiques is...


Gary: send us an email with your contact info and we'll get you the details about submitting up to two manuscripts for a free line-edit critiques (including a pitch or cover letter if you've got them!).

Now, to end with even more good news.

The good news is:

Rate Your Story will be OPEN to submissions for a few more weeks yet before closing down over the holiday season.  Last year, we had multiple closures in November -- but this year, we're staying open until Thanksgiving Day.  That's right, folks, you've got until November 22 to get us your manuscripts–and we promise to have them back to you before the year is out, so you can polish them up and get ready to submit in the New Year!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Now get writing!


Rate Your Story


  1. Congrats to Gary and thanks to RYS for all that you do. I'm going to try to get a ms to you in the next week or so...we all appreciate your hard work and generous sharing of your expertise. :)

  2. Congratulation to Gary! I'll have to check my PB file and see what I can send in.


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