Friday, November 1, 2013

Open Submissions Day - Nov. 1 through 11:59 p.m. Central Time

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed this morning's free eNews! (If you missed this month's awesome agent interview and other goodies, remember to sign up by clicking the link on the right navbar.)

Just a couple of quick notes:

1) The agent interview will normally be exclusive to PRO members only.

2) This month's PRO email also included a few submission calls/contest links, and the Basic and Pro emails included a special discount offer on professional critiques. If you haven't signed up for membership yet, or would like to upgrade to PRO, drop us a note and we'll send you this month's bonus emails retroactively upon checkout.

3) Today is open submission day for members and non-members. There will not be an open submission day in December, and our next free open submission day will be January 1, 2014. Please make sure to visit our submission guidelines page before submitting.

Please remember - only one free submission per person on free submission days. Thank you for adhering to our rule so that we may help as many authors as possible!

Happy NaNoWriMo, PiBoIdMo, and Picture Book Month!

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