Friday, November 18, 2011

Rate Your Story: New Poll

Our new November/December 2011 poll question is up - asking those who've submitted a story to reveal (anonymously) of course, what your story's score was!  Please take a moment to visit the sidebar on the right side of the website and answer the poll.

If you haven't submitted a story to Rate Your Story, there's still plenty of time to get your story critiqued and rated and participate in our online poll before the end of December.  Simply visit our submissions page to find out how to have a professional writer read and rate your short story or picture book for free.

Thanks also to those who participated in our last Rate Your Story Poll, which asked about the size of your critique groups.  It seems that most/average critique groups are 4-5 people in size.  If you don't know what a critique group is, or how to find a critique group, check out some of the resources on this site and our How to Find a Critique Group page.

Happy Holidays and keep on writing!

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