Monday, October 10, 2011

A Submission a Day Keeps the Rejections Away

After our first week at Rate Your Story, we're seeing a steady stream of submissions - averaging just over a submission a day!

While writers who submit enjoy confidentiality of their rating, I'm pleased to announce that we've had a couple of promising submissions already in our first week.  Keep 'em coming!

If you're stopping by to visit, consider submitting a story to Rate Your Story.  Our volunteer judges have been very helpful in offering free critique advice along with the free rating that comes with this online service.  A few of our judges even offered complimentary line-edits!

If you're one of those who submitted a story and you've already received your Rating Card, you may wonder what to do next.  While you can hire a professional to edit or critique your work in depth, also consider joining a critique group.  We've got resources available for you on Rate Your Story that will help you link up with an online writing group where you can exchange manuscripts and get critiques of your work for free.

Don't forget to take our poll as well!  We want to know all about your writing critique group.  What's your number?

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you'll Tweet, Share, Facebook, etc. Rate Your Story with friends.

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