Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RYS Update

Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday from Rate Your Story. I know you are all anxiously awaiting news about submissions. By the end of the day today, all submissions prior to Jan. 22 should be returned. Our inbox is clear!

What does this mean?

While we want to re-open to submissions right away, we have to make some adjustments so that we don't continue to be bombarded with manuscripts and have to close every three to six weeks again. We also recognize that we still need at least one more new volunteer judge.

Next week, we plan to re-open submissions with modified guidelines—namely, a "one at a time" rule. While we realize that many of you are sitting on dozens of manuscripts, we're asking that you submit one story at a time to Rate Your Story, and when that one is returned to you, you may submit another.

We are SO glad that so many of you use our free service. We love providing feedback that is helping you on your path to publication. We do recognize, however, that we may need to continue to make adjustments, and we welcome your feedback. Would you pay an annual member fee to use Rate Your Story? Would you still use our service if our average responses time was six weeks instead of two? If we partnered with agents or editors, would you participate in contests? Let us know.

Next week, we'll also announce the identity of our newest volunteer judge!

So, hang tight for another week and we'll have a post for you on Wednesday the 20th officially letting you know when submissions re-open. (Anything sent to RYS before then will be deleted, sorry!)

Comments welcomed!


  1. A wait of 4 - 6 weeks? that's not unreasonable. Contests? definitely...

  2. Yeah, I'd be up for all of that. I'd pay an annual fee (as long as it wasn't outrageous, obviously), I'd wait 6 weeks, and I'd love contests. You all are amazing.

  3. I would participate in everything as long as I could afford it. Unfortunately I have an extremely tight budget with very little wiggle room so there are many things I have to pass on when it comes to my writing simply because I can't afford it...but that doesn't mean I don't LOVE this service of industry professionals and all their lovely feedback!

    Donna L Martin

  4. I would pay an annual fee if I were guaranteed a certain number of reviews, maybe six per year, and 4-5 sentences of critique for each review. And, waiting six weeks sounds totally reasonable. Contests would be great! Keep up the good work.

  5. Yes I would pay. Yes I would wait. Yes I would do contests. You guys are the best!

  6. Yes, I would pay if it was reasonable priced, 6 weeks is quite ok even though I would prefer a bit less. Definitely contests. :)

  7. Yes to all three!!
    I just read about you on the 12x12 site. I am a published author and would love to help if it were still needed. I critique using the oreo style also known as the hamburger style. Giving negative suggestions smothered in good gooey positive feedback. I also follow the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. :) So I'm honest.

    I'm also bookmarking this page. Thanks very much for keeping us informed. :)

  8. Yes, I would be willing to pay an annual fee and to wait 6 weeks for a review. I have found the feedback from Rate Your Story judges incredibly valuable. I just revised a story in line with suggestions from a Rate Your Story judge, and I think the revised story is much improved (my critique group agrees!).

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. These are all taken into consideration as we move forward. Clarbojahn--what's your name and email address? We'd love to have another published author on board to help. You can email us at rateyourstory [at] gmail [dot] com without the brackets and spaces, of course :)

  10. Yes, I would be happy to pay, wait, and enter contests. You 'guys' are the best. You have been such a help to me. Thanks for being here for us!

  11. Yes, I would be willing to pay an annual fee. 6 weeks, sure as long as I can get 4-5 lines of feedback. The feedback I have received so far has been invaluable. Thanks for this great service!

  12. Hello! Yes, I would pay (either per story or an annual fee). I would wait 6 weeks rather than 2 and contest are always fun so I would participate in those too.


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