Monday, January 30, 2012

Submissions Open until Feb. 7 at Rate Your Story

It's clear you've all been busy writing - we've been flooded with submissions at Rate Your Story this month.  And many of them have been really, really good!

We now know that many of the 400+ writers participating in Julie Hedlund's 12 x 12 in '12 Picture Book Challenge have found Rate Your Story.  Welcome, #12x-ers!  Your manuscripts are looking great!

Switching to a bit of important news, Rate Your Story founder and site administrator Miranda Paul is packing up and heading out of the country to build libraries in rural villages in Africa.  While that's very exciting (and you can read more about the project on her blog), it does mean that Rate Your Story will be closed for free critique submissions for several weeks in Feb/March. 

Please mark your calendar:  From Feb. 8th - March 8th, Rate Your Story will be CLOSED to submissions.  If you submit during that time, your manuscript will be held and not opened until after March 8th for a free critique rating (which will come a week or two after that date).

Translation = if you've got a manuscript that needs a free critique now - send it now!

To view Rate Your Story submission guidelines, click here.

While Miranda's gone, although submissions will be closed, Rate Your Story will be posting author and editor interviews with our wonderful panel of volunteer judges.  So there's still reason to stop by in February and March!  You can learn a little bit about each judge now at our professional critiques page, but when each interview is posted you'll get the chance to learn a lot more about them - plus writing tips and advice on writing well and getting published. 

Make sure to follow Rate Your Story or bookmark us so that you won't miss out!

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  1. If you make edits are you allowed to resubmit?

  2. Sure are! Just indicate so in your email so we're aware that it's a re-sub!

  3. cool. i was wondering the same thing.

  4. Wow. This is very generous of you. I think I'll just wait until you get back. Have a nice trip.


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